Mar. 24th, 2016

sashura: (matern)
У Дани в школе старшеклассники поставили спектакль, ребенок захотел на него сходить, ну мы и сходили. Что я могу сказать... Играют хорошо, декорации, костюмы - все очень даже неплохо. Но вот сама пьеса какой-то полный бред, конец которого еще и приправлен хорошей порцией американского феминизма :(( По крайней мере у нас с Даней полностью совпала оценка происходящего.
Дома полезла искать, что это было. Нашла:
"Fools allegedly was written as the result of an agreement Simon made with his wife during their divorce proceedings. She was promised the profits of his next play, so he attempted to write something that never would last on Broadway"

In his review for The New York Times, Frank Rich wrote: "As one watches Mr. Simon, the director Mike Nichols and a topflight cast struggle to puff up this show, a feeling of unreality sets in. It's as if a team of brilliant high-priced surgeons has been assembled to operate on a splinter. While Mr. Simon has come up with a few funny moments, there are only so many jokes that anyone can make about stupidity. Once we learn that the town peddler sells flowers as whitefish, that the town doctor can't read his own eye chart and that the town shepherd can't find his sheep, there's an inevitability about every punch line."

Ага, what he said, мне так не сформулировать самой. Зачем нужно было давать школьникам пьесу, которую даже взрослым не удалось вытянуть, я не поняла.

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